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Iggy Pop Performs At Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert

Iggy Pop Performs At Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert

A benefit concert can be tricky business. …It can go horribly wrong or it can be an illuminating, moving and exciting night worthy of the cause it supports and the money shelled out by patrons to benefit said cause. At Carnegie Hall last night, where the 24th Annual Tibet House US Benefit Concert took place, the evening quite certainly felt like the latter.

…The most excellent and fulfilling of the surprises came from Iggy Pop’s entrance on stage to perform a trio of songs with New Order. Dressed in an oversized black blazer, dress pants, and no shirt, Iggy Pop looked particularly buttoned up with only part of his bare chest peeking beneath the suit. He made a very Iggy Pop show of New Order’s “California Grass” before the evening’s most audience-rousing pair of performances arrived as the collaborators dove into two Joy Division tracks. Pop took over Joy Division’s “Transmission” as patrons jumped to their feet to “dance, dance, dance, dance, dance” as the song commands. Pop’s voice has aged nicely, even deeper and with more resonance as he perfectly delivered a vocal reminiscent of the late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis’ deep tone. Excitement heightened as they transitioned into “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and more people jumped to their feet and ran towards the stage to continue dancing and jumping and taking part in this truly remarkable moment.

Read more at The Village Voice. Photo by Loren Wohl.

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