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Early Reviews Praise Iggy And The Stooges New Album ‘Ready To Die’

Early Reviews Praise Iggy And The Stooges New Album ‘Ready To Die’

Iggy and the Stooges’ new album, Ready To Die, will arrive in stores on April 30th, and the reviews are starting to come in! Read some of this rock & roll goodness:

The singing Stooge nabs another with this robust studio resurrection of his alliance with guitarist James Williamson, the axis behind the Stooges’ 1973 lethal-glam classic, Raw Power, and the battered jewels on the 1977 Pop-Williamson set, Kill City. Iggy is, as you can tell, in blunt fuck-you and just-try-to-kill-me form. – Rolling Stone

This is indeed a fine and worthwhile album. Somehow retaining the rough-edged innocence of its predecessor, the result is both unrefined and dirty, harbouring a clear desire to provoke. … The band set out to recapture the spirit of ’73 and have embraced that ethos with an admirable interpretation of where they should have gone next and therefore essentially have. … A time-bridging release that stands as an essential and timely reminder of just how rock ‘n’ roll ought to be played. – Clash Music

Ready To Die available for pre-order: Amazon | iTunes | Fat Possum Records