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A Life In The Day: Iggy Pop Featured In The Sunday Times

A Life In The Day: Iggy Pop Featured In The Sunday Times

This past weekend, London’s The Sunday Times featured Iggy Pop talking about his daily routine, including macrobiotic diets, smoking jackets and the loony tunes that pay the bills. Here’s an excerpt:

For some reason, I don’t like taking a shower in the morning. I always leave it till the middle of the day. If I get sent moisturiser, I’ll try it, but with my skin I might as well use leather polish. I think I’ve left it too late. Afternoons are when I get creative, but first of all I look at The New York Times, then read a little — at the moment I’m ploughing through Democracy in America, by de Tocqueville. At school I was hoping to go into politics, but after Kennedy was assassinated, things got too paranoid. Vietnam was just… a mess. I was actually called up for the draft, but we didn’t get along. I think I was the kind of guy they’d only call up as a last resort.

Late afternoon is when I get down to music. I’ve boom boxes in every room and I play whatever I’m working on. Admittedly, some of my best songs have come out of my looniest times. I lose my mind for a bit and a great song appears. A song that’s living, breathing and paying my bills. Maybe I wasn’t such a loony after all!

I finish off with another 15 minutes of exercise and then dress for dinner. If we’re going out, I’ll wear a suit, but at home I prefer a smoking jacket and a nice pair of slippers. Nothing else — no shirt, no pants, no underwear. Just the smoking jacket and slippers.

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