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Iggy And The Stooges New Album ‘Ready To Die’ Available Now!

Iggy And The Stooges New Album ‘Ready To Die’ Available Now!

Iggy and the Stooges - Ready To Die
Iggy and the Stooges’ new album Ready To Die is in stores now and it’s getting great reviews. And just for good measure, those of us who talk the talk and walk the walk read Pitchfork for a laugh so here it is too.

Initial standouts on Ready to Die include “Sex & Money,” led by a wall of Williamson’s guitars and Mackay’s greasy, funky horn riffs; and the raucous “Job,” replete with its kiss-off lyric, “I don’t wanna talk to my coworkers/I think they’re a bunch of dumb c***-jerkers.” Iggy (James Osterberg) Pop may have just turned 66, but he remains as impulsive and outspoken as ever, bless his soul. –

It’s the Stooges sound that carries the album: Mr. Williamson’s riffs, guitars and old-school production. The beat has the muscle and fluctuations of a live rhythm section. The rhythm and lead guitars keep a distorted edge and they grapple and claw their way through the songs, affirming that the Stooges were as much post-Rolling Stones as pre-punk. … Iggy and the Stooges know they aren’t wild kids anymore, but they’re not going away quietly. – The New York Times

It’s classic “Raw Power”-era Stooges from the get-go on “Burn,” a heavy-duty groove that kicks off the collection. And there’s no letup for the next several tunes, including “Gun,” which skewers a violent culture that just might lead its lone-wolf protagonist astray. … Even after more than four decades, Iggy doesn’t go down easy — in all senses of the phrase. But the man and his band have some things worth saying before the cosmic end of the tour. – The Washington Post

Iggy’s delivery is too wry to exude rage, the songs rarely rise above a mid-tempo chug, and Mackay’s jovial sax blurts are way more roadhouse than Funhouse. But, unlike The Weirdness, the palpable lack of menace feels intentional, and more true to a band that, in the wake of Asheton’s death and their own advancing ages, has good reason to question its own mortality.

Ready To Die available now: Amazon | iTunes | Fat Possum Records