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Iggy And The Stooges Auctions To Raise Money For Flood Relief

Iggy and the Stooges auctionIggy and the Stooges, along with other artists, have provided signed collectibles to be auctioned to raise money for victims of the Queensland Floods that devastated the state during December 2010 and January 2011.

The Stooges have provided two t-shirts signed by the entire band, along with a set of drumsticks signed by Scott Asheton, for Queensland Music Network’s Rock N Roll Auction. Bidders can check out the Stooges auctions at, and start placing bids through eBay. All profits will go to The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.


Iggy Pop On The Passing Of Alex Kirst

“I heard about what happened to Alex almost immediately after the fact from his brother Whitey who played guitar alongside Alex in The Trolls, my band from 1998 to 2003. I felt terrible and although it won’t bring him back I really hope they find the person who hit him and ran.
Alex deserves a lot of recognition for his contributions to the arts. He was a drummer with a thunderous left hand but he was so much more than that in the arts scene around Los Angeles. He was a member of a very interesting indie band called the Nymphs and he’d had a very solid career as a set designer in major studio films and TV for some years. His son Lucius danced his debut this week with the American ballet theatre in New York and I wish Alex had been around for that he had a lot to do with it. The Kirsts are a unique and artistic family and I know they will all miss him, as I do.
Alex was a very, very nice and good person he helped a lot of people, including me.”

Iggy Pop


James Williamson: The Return of Raw Power

In a recent interview with Crawdaddy! magazine, James Williamson talked about rejoining the Stooges, working on Raw Power and Kill City, and mixing and songwriting. He also spoke about the possibility of recording new singles with the Stooges, and said: “We’re continuing to work on new material, even though we haven’t had much time off the road yet. So this is the period when we’re starting to do that. But we have to have new riffs that capture our imagination, and the lyrics have to match that, and finally the performance has to be such that we can feel proud of it. The bar is set pretty high … we don’t want to release something that’s not up to par with the Stooges material, but I think we can do it.”

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Iggy and the Stooges Confirmed For Optimus Alive Festival July 7th!

Optimus Alive Festival 2011The iconic Iggy and the Stooges are coming to Portugal for a performance that is expected to be incendiary. The band will play at the Optimus Alive Festival on July 7th in Lisbon. It is no exaggeration to say that without Iggy and the Stooges, rock would be very different from what we know today. The Stooges shook the foundations of music, redefining the concept of the concert and opening doors to a new generation. To buy tickets and find more information, visit


James Williamson Writing New Songs For The Stooges

James Williamson has told FasterLouder that he is eager to return to the studio to record with the Stooges. He’s been “writing new riffs and so forth with the hope that we’ll record some new material at some point. We keep working through that to see if we can find some stuff that we think is up to par with some of our earlier stuff and see what happens there.” He added, “Albums are kind of meaningless these days so it’s not really important to wait till we have a whole album. If we’ve got one or two songs that we like then we can just cut ’em and release ’em and go that way.”

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Iggy And The Stooges 40th Anniversary Event In The Works

During a benefit event on December 9th for Los Angeles radio station KCRW, which was hosted by Henry Rollins, he said plans are in the works for an Iggy and the Stooges 40th anniversary performance in Michigan. Rollins said he may host the event and possibly sing on a few songs. “We’re just working on it right now, but whatever they ask, I’ll do it,” he said. You can read more at The Hollywood Reporter.