45 Years Ago: The Stooges Release Pre-Punk Milestone ‘Fun House’ – Ultimate Classic Rock

The Stooges - Fun House
The Stooges‘ debut album from 1969 didn’t even crack the Top 100 on Billboard‘s album chart, so it wasn’t like too many people were waiting for the follow-up. Which was just fine. Without expectations all that high, the band was free to explore almost any path it wanted to on Fun House.

…The result is one of the most primal and unhinged albums ever made. Saxophone player Steve Mackay, a temporary addition to the band who also came from the Stooges’ hometown of Detroit, blurts his way through songs in an acid-damaged take on free-jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman’s improvised soloing, pushing Fun House into a sort of avant-jazz proto-punk garage scuzz-rock genre all its own. …It’s also brilliant, a pre-punk milestone years ahead of the movement it unwittingly helped inspire.

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Iggy Pop Contributes Theme Song To ‘Bill, The Galactic Hero’

Good news for fans of the Repo Man soundtrack: Iggy Pop, who wrote and performed the song “Repo Man” (with help from Sex Pistol Steve Jones), has also contributed the theme song to Alex Cox’s latest movie.

Cox made the Kickstarter-funded Bill, the Galactic Hero with his film students at the University of Colorado Boulder, where the movie premiered last month. … You can hear about a minute of Iggy’s theme song in the movie’s latest trailer. Apparently, life has a lot in common with pizza.

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Iggy Pop To Perform At All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland In July 2015

Are we happy or are we happy? Iggy Pop will be performing at All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland, to be held in Ásbrú, Keflavík in Iceland between July 2 and July 4. Iggy’s specific performance time is to be announced. Visit for more information and to buy tickets!

ATP Iceland 2015 Lineup (So Far):
Iggy Pop, Drive Like Jehu, Belle and Sebastian, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Run The Jewels, Mudhoney, Kiasmos, HAM, Ought, Clipping, The Bug, Loop, Xylouris White, Deafheaven, Iceage, Chelsea Wolfe, The Field, White Hills, Ghostigital, Vision Fortune, Younghusband, Tall Firs, Grimm Grimm


Premiere: James Williamson ‘Re-Licked’ Album Stream – Rolling Stone Australia

JAMES WILLIAMSON! “Brand new versions of these songs — initially written and demoed in 1973/74 — have been recorded, with Williamson enlisting a wide range of guests to help out, including Jello Biafra, Mark Lanegan, Alison Mosshart, Ariel Pink, The Orwells Mario Cuomo, The BellRays’ Lisa Kekaula, Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, The Icarus Line’s Joe Cardamone and Carolyn Wonderland.” ROLLING STONE AUSTRALIA



The Stooges’ Guitar Legend James Williamson Featured On NPR’s World Cafe With David Dye

Listen to James Williamson’s new interview on NPR’s World Cafe, and hear two songs from Re-Licked and a Stooges classic that were played during the episode.


James Williamson - Re-Licked

01. Head On The Curve (w/ Jello Biafra)
02. Open Up And Bleed (w/ Carolyn Wonderland)
03. Scene Of The Crime (w/ Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream)
04. She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills (w/ Ariel Pink)
05. Til The End Of The Night (w/ Alison Mosshart from The Kills, Dead Weather)
06. I Gotta Right (w/ Lisa Kekaula from The BellRays)
07. Pinpoint Eyes (w/ Joe Cardamone from The Icarus Line)
08. Wild Love (w/ Mark Lanegan & Alison Mosshart)
09. Rubber Leg (w/ Ron Young from Little Caesar)
10. I’m Sick Of You (w/ Mario Cuomo from The Orwells)
Bonus Tracks:
11. Gimme Some Skin (w/ Caroline Wonderland)
12. C*ck In My Pocket (w/ Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters)
13. Heavy Liquid (w/ Lisa Kekaula)
14. Wet My Bed (w/ The Richmond Sluts)
15. C**k In My Pocket (w/ Gary Floyd from The Dicks)
16. Rubber Leg (w/ J.G. Thirlwell aka Clint Ruin, Foetus)


“An avalanche of raw riffs… and Williamson playing white-knuckled leads like he absolutely refuses to let the Stooges’ music go gentle into that good night.” – PREMIER GUITAR

“Unsurprisingly brilliant.” – NME

“‘I Gotta Right,’ the second single from Re-Licked, is a manic, guitar-blazing rocker featuring belter Lisa Kekaula of The Bellrays.” – USA TODAY

“James Williamson’s aggressive guitar style may be the most influential in punk.” – NPR’s WORLD CAFE

“… hard-charging, fast-paced punk” – EXCLAIM!

“… a karmic correction” – Author/journalist HARVEY KUBERNIK

“James Williamson is on a mission. Revitalized after a reunion with The Stooges and further stoked by interest in his career he has been working hard on keeping The Stooges beating heart alive. Iggy may be having a break from this thing called rock and roll but James is having none of it. The results… a new album of re-recorded songs from the catalogue of Iggy Pop and James Williamson. Songs that never made it into the studio, some known from live shows, some not. Re-Licked is kicking itself out of the garage with an intent to seek and destroy all naysayers, and along for the ride are some very special guest stars.” – ARTROCKER

“… gruff and propulsive” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“Properly recorded and no longer mired in sub-bootleg mire, the songs do indeed shine through.” – BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS

“James Williamson closes the loop of The Stooges’ past legend in the best possible way.” – ROCK ON MAGAZINE / SPAIN

“Thankfully, there isn’t a single note on Re-Licked that was phoned in. Every person involved in this momentous release clearly grasped the importance of the work being presented…. gearing up to be the Album of the Year.” – music critic JOEL GAUSTON

“…the ‘Great Lost Stooges’ album of 1974.” – OUT MAGAZINE

“Re-Licked has enough energy, fine playing and (deep breath) convincing vocals to present as something unique in the canon of Stooge-inspired music. Get it.” – I-94 BAR